Cartoons، chocolate and beer in Belgium

Cartoons، chocolate and beer may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Brussels. Europe’s capital is now less than tow hours from London and for just £60 return you can find out why for yourself.

Tintin، Smurfs، Spirou، Mortimer and others were born here and immortalized in the Belgian Center for Comic Strips. Chocolate shops flourish throughout Brussels and museums to look out for are Musee du Cacao et du Chocolat، Planete Chocolat with demonstrations every Saturday at 2pm، while Le Chocolatier Manon، Chocolaterie Duval، La Maison du Chocolat and Chocolaterie Jamart are a chocolate lover’s paradise. According to the previous agreement, the chocolates will be revealed some their secrets to you.

Belgium it’s for beer connoisseurs, as the Belgians, rightly so، take their beer seriously. With over 455 beers brewed nationwide, the choices seem endless. Specialty beers such as raspberry، cherry، brown، white and even chocolate beers may seem strange at first، but I assure you they are delicious.

Later you can enjoy geuze beer، Trappist beer and of course, lambic beer، probably Belgium’s most famous beer. Bars and restaurants serving the best beers abound in the cozy and impressive city center of Brussels.

When you need to get away to get new ideas، new perspectives of life try Brussels. You might just want to indulge in art, gourmet dinners, and focus on romance with your lover. Using the Eurostar fast train service, traveling from London to Brussels and back for a short break is very feasible, indeed many business people regularly travel this route.

There is absolutely no time to be bored as Brussels is rich in culture، history، museums and art. You may even have trouble choosing where to eat as the variety of restaurants is so vast. Dining at Comme Chez Soi or La Quincaillerie، a former restaurant turned hardware store are among the many choices while nightlife is enjoyed at The Fuse, at 208 Rue Blaes.

Some of the main attractions include the Grand Place, known as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe، the Cathedrale de St Michel and the Parc de Bruxelles, between the Parliament and the Royal Palace. For family and children, the Belgian Center for Comic Art، Mini Europe and AutoWorld are also very popular.

To add to your enjoyment and avoid the queues، the €22 Brussels Card will make you feel like one of the VIPs attending the NATO headquarters or the Espace Léopold (European Parliament) complex. The Brussels Card is your entry ticket to a long list. of the Brussels museums and the buses, trams and metros of the Brussels Public Transport Company.

Finca Fantastica Travel provides a showcase for a wide range of quality accommodation for visitors. The selection offers luxury five star hotels، modern guesthouses with private rooms، bed and breakfasts and very large houses throughout Belgium for larger parties. Travelers leaving the city.

A trip from London to the Belgian capital is faster than going to Manchester and it’s a similar journey time to Nottingham، which is 105 miles closer. The cartoons, chocolate and beer of Brussels make a more appealing choice for a short European city break.

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