Information on Cologne tourist attractions، Germany 2022

If you are in Germany، then do not miss to visit the city of Cologne. Cologne is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. If I have to describe the city of Cologne in one word، then it is definitely amazing.

Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city and is located on the Rhine River in North Rhine Westphalia. It is also called the gay capital of Germany. Cologne is always treated as the media of the German nation، the hot spots of tourism and business.

Cologne retreats:

Like me، if you love to explore new places، then I’m sure Cologne is the perfect place. There are many things to explore in this wonderful city. Cologne has more than 101 museums، monuments، historical sites، cultural attractions، excellent shopping areas and unrivaled nightlife.

Cologne Cathedral:

Cologne Cathedral is one of the famous landmarks in this beautiful city. Do not miss this place as it is considered the most respected monuments of Cologne. it was built in 1881 and is also called a Gothic church.

Another must-see destination is the City Hall at Alter Market with more than 101 statues. It was built in 1151.

You can explore the main attractions of Cologne simply by walking. I would suggest that if you want to get a great view of this city، then cross the Rhine River and see the stunning city from the Rhine Pramoenade and the Deutzer Bridge.

Nightlife in Cologne:

Thanks to the population of more than 71,000 students, which makes the nightlife in Cologne more attractive، lively and developed. The beauty has plenty of cafes، restaurants، discos and clubs، where you can enjoy them with a glass of wine in hand.

Alter Wartesaal، Apollo، Club Camouflage، Live Music Hall، MTC، Palladium and Rose Club are the famous bars and clubs in this amazing city.

Shopping in Cologne:

If I will call Cologne a shopping paradise، then there is no doubt. You can find many retail outlets، malls and beautiful shopping streets. Famous shopping streets are Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse.

Shipping Information:

You can travel to Cologne by plane، train and bus. But I would suggest you to travel through high speed trains for your comfort and relaxation. Traveling by train is more convenient، comfortable and stress-free. So just take the Eurostar train from London St Pancras International train station and reach Brussels Midi station in a record time of one hour 52 minutes and then just change the same station، travel on the high speed German ICE train to heart of the stunning city.

Travel time is about 4 hours 17 minutes. One of the best parts about traveling by train is that you don’t need to book separate tickets، thanks to the companies that operate trains in the UK. All UK train operating companies have joined forces to make your journey comfortable.


Interesting information about Thimphu Bhutan city

Thimphu in Bhutan may be the money metropolis that has a population of 82,000 people and is also the largest city within the nation. This city was declared budget with the Kingdom of Bhutan only in 1962، which is most likely the reason why the city is however quite underdeveloped compared to other money cities around the world.

The city of Thimphu is currently undergoing a lot of construction work with roads and parks being built to better suit the city’s requirements and a brand new stadium and an open air theater have also been added to meet the cultural and sporting demands of the city.

To get to Thimphu in Bhutan، you can take the plane from your city of Paro، where by the nearby carrier، Druk Air، brings individuals in and out of the country.

Flights to Bhutan come from areas like Kathmandu, Bangkok، New Delhi، Kolkata and Dhaka and people who wish to go to Thimphu from this airport reach the budget by car, taxi or bus in 47 minutes to an hour.

Although the city is definitely a little convenient for site visitors to explore on foot، you can still find taxis and buses to use should you want to get around the metropolis on wheels.

Some of the areas that you should not miss seeing when you are in Thimphu include things like some religious structures that happen to be built right here over centuries and these include the Changangkha Lhakhang Temple that was built in the 16th century، Zanghtoper.

The Lhakhang Temple which was established sometime from the 1961s along with the Wide Memorial Chorten which was established to commemorate the third king with the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Other places of interest in Thimphu include museums such as the National Folk Heritage Museum and the Textile museum, parks such as Takin Reserve and also Serbithang Botanical Gardens، as well as handicraft and souvenir shops such as Yarkay Central and also Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Center.


Cartoons، chocolate and beer in Belgium

Cartoons، chocolate and beer may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Brussels. Europe’s capital is now less than tow hours from London and for just £60 return you can find out why for yourself.

Tintin، Smurfs، Spirou، Mortimer and others were born here and immortalized in the Belgian Center for Comic Strips. Chocolate shops flourish throughout Brussels and museums to look out for are Musee du Cacao et du Chocolat، Planete Chocolat with demonstrations every Saturday at 2pm، while Le Chocolatier Manon، Chocolaterie Duval، La Maison du Chocolat and Chocolaterie Jamart are a chocolate lover’s paradise. According to the previous agreement, the chocolates will be revealed some their secrets to you.

Belgium it’s for beer connoisseurs, as the Belgians, rightly so، take their beer seriously. With over 455 beers brewed nationwide, the choices seem endless. Specialty beers such as raspberry، cherry، brown، white and even chocolate beers may seem strange at first، but I assure you they are delicious.

Later you can enjoy geuze beer، Trappist beer and of course, lambic beer، probably Belgium’s most famous beer. Bars and restaurants serving the best beers abound in the cozy and impressive city center of Brussels.

When you need to get away to get new ideas، new perspectives of life try Brussels. You might just want to indulge in art, gourmet dinners, and focus on romance with your lover. Using the Eurostar fast train service, traveling from London to Brussels and back for a short break is very feasible, indeed many business people regularly travel this route.

There is absolutely no time to be bored as Brussels is rich in culture، history، museums and art. You may even have trouble choosing where to eat as the variety of restaurants is so vast. Dining at Comme Chez Soi or La Quincaillerie، a former restaurant turned hardware store are among the many choices while nightlife is enjoyed at The Fuse, at 208 Rue Blaes.

Some of the main attractions include the Grand Place, known as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe، the Cathedrale de St Michel and the Parc de Bruxelles, between the Parliament and the Royal Palace. For family and children, the Belgian Center for Comic Art، Mini Europe and AutoWorld are also very popular.

To add to your enjoyment and avoid the queues، the €22 Brussels Card will make you feel like one of the VIPs attending the NATO headquarters or the Espace Léopold (European Parliament) complex. The Brussels Card is your entry ticket to a long list. of the Brussels museums and the buses, trams and metros of the Brussels Public Transport Company.

Finca Fantastica Travel provides a showcase for a wide range of quality accommodation for visitors. The selection offers luxury five star hotels، modern guesthouses with private rooms، bed and breakfasts and very large houses throughout Belgium for larger parties. Travelers leaving the city.

A trip from London to the Belgian capital is faster than going to Manchester and it’s a similar journey time to Nottingham، which is 105 miles closer. The cartoons, chocolate and beer of Brussels make a more appealing choice for a short European city break.

Real estate Tourism

All you need to know about buying a house in the Netherlands

Anyone can buy a house in the Netherlands without restrictions, but you should know what is happening in the Dutch housing market before buying a house in the Netherlands.

Whether you are new to the Netherlands or have been living in the Netherlands for ten years, you may someday consider buying a home in the Netherlands. As mentioned, there are no restrictions for foreigners to buy a home in the Netherlands, but you should know the quirks of the Dutch housing market before buying your home.

Like in many other countries, the housing market in the Netherlands has undergone continuous change since the financial crisis ended in 2008, accompanied by a rise in property prices.

The Netherlands is densely populated and the population is constantly growing, so there can be strong competition to buy property in certain areas, for example in large cities. Or country houses, especially after the Corona virus pandemic.

It is worth noting that nearly 60% of Dutch people own their own home.

Should you rent a house or buy a house in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands there is a high proportion of social housing. Usually these homes are given to renters with low incomes, which makes it more difficult to find a home, if you come to the Netherlands to work, but if you are staying in the Netherlands as a “refugee” for example, the situation is easier for you.

There are tax benefits for homeowners and the mortgage costs are often less than rent, but the transaction costs of buying a home are about 6 percent of the home’s price, and don’t forget the real estate market is in flux.

Average house prices have reached nearly the same pre-crisis levels, as the market has recovered from the more than 20% price drop that occurred during the economic crisis years.

By the end of 2016, house prices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht had surpassed their pre-crisis prices.

How do you find a home to buy in the Netherlands?

As in most European countries, you can find homes to buy online, and in advertisements in local newspapers.

Hiring a real estate office is very common in the Netherlands.

Websites to find real estate on the Internet:

All you need to know about buying a house in the Netherlands in 2023
funda in Dutch.
Perfect Housing.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Dutch real estate office:

  • The office will ask you to sign a contract with it, and you are not allowed to sign a contract with other offices. This means that the office fee may be charged, even if you find the house yourself or even if you decide not to buy a house.
  • The fee is usually 1-2% of the house price.
  • The office should work and help you only, not the seller.
  • The office may have good knowledge of the market in a particular area.The office may be able to advise about neighborhoods, schools, and public transportation near a particular home.
  • The office may be able to translate for you.
  • The office must assist you or have it complete all the papers that must be signed.

Things to be aware of when buying an apartment:

When you buy an apartment, even though you explicitly own that apartment, you only own a share in the building and/or the land on which the apartment is located. As a result, buying an apartment can be more complicated than buying a house-huis.

In the Netherlands, every apartment building is managed by a company called “Vereniging van Eigenaren” (VvE). This company is responsible for general repairs and maintenance and it may be good, bad or even possibly in debt. As a builder member, you will be responsible for this debt, so it is very important to check your VvE before purchasing.

Buying a home:

Once you have found a property that you would like to make a purchase offer, the next step is to obtain a “price assessment” and, if necessary, a building structural survey.

It is best to contact a real estate office, to ensure that you get an appropriate price assessment. You can also request information about the land on which the house is located and other information through the Kadaster office

When you have a clear idea of ​​the value of the property, you can make an offer and start negotiations. This is usually done through the real estate office. Negotiations are usually conducted with only one buyer.

After the sale price is agreed upon, the formal steps are taken to transfer ownership to you.

1- The seller and the buyer sign a pre-sale agreement (koopovereenkomst) or a temporary contract (voorlopige).
2- A notary (notaris) who certifies the signed contract and deposits 10 percent of the house price is determined by the buyer.
3- The buyer shall bring any additional papers needed by the contract.
4- The seller and the buyer sign a purchase completion contract (akte van levering).
5- The notary registers the transfer of ownership in the land registry office (kadaster) to complete the process.

Legal requirements:

Dutch law requires that a notary register the property for the buyer. Notary costs vary. It could be a percentage of the property price, a cost per hour worked, or a fixed amount.

The total cost is usually between 1000 and 3000 euros.

The law also requires an interpreter to attend notary meetings in cases where one or more of the parties is not a Dutch national. The translator must be “certified”.

Selling fees and other fees for buying a house in the Netherlands:

As mentioned earlier, in the Netherlands, it is common to hire a real estate office by the buyer, and a real estate office by the seller. The seller will pay the real estate office fee to the seller, otherwise, all other fees must be paid by the buyer.

In all, the buyer will have to pay a fee of approximately 6 percent of the home’s purchase price.

These fees are divided into:

The tax transfer process (overdrachtsbelasting) is about 2 percent.
Legal fees are around 1.0-1.5 percent.
The registration fee is 1.1-1.5 percent.
Real estate agent fees 1-2 per cent.

There is a legal period of 72 hours after signing the contract, during which you can change your mind without incurring any penalty.