Information on Cologne tourist attractions، Germany 2022

If you are in Germany، then do not miss to visit the city of Cologne. Cologne is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. If I have to describe the city of Cologne in one word، then it is definitely amazing.

Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city and is located on the Rhine River in North Rhine Westphalia. It is also called the gay capital of Germany. Cologne is always treated as the media of the German nation، the hot spots of tourism and business.

Cologne retreats:

Like me، if you love to explore new places، then I’m sure Cologne is the perfect place. There are many things to explore in this wonderful city. Cologne has more than 101 museums، monuments، historical sites، cultural attractions، excellent shopping areas and unrivaled nightlife.

Cologne Cathedral:

Cologne Cathedral is one of the famous landmarks in this beautiful city. Do not miss this place as it is considered the most respected monuments of Cologne. it was built in 1881 and is also called a Gothic church.

Another must-see destination is the City Hall at Alter Market with more than 101 statues. It was built in 1151.

You can explore the main attractions of Cologne simply by walking. I would suggest that if you want to get a great view of this city، then cross the Rhine River and see the stunning city from the Rhine Pramoenade and the Deutzer Bridge.

Nightlife in Cologne:

Thanks to the population of more than 71,000 students, which makes the nightlife in Cologne more attractive، lively and developed. The beauty has plenty of cafes، restaurants، discos and clubs، where you can enjoy them with a glass of wine in hand.

Alter Wartesaal، Apollo، Club Camouflage، Live Music Hall، MTC، Palladium and Rose Club are the famous bars and clubs in this amazing city.

Shopping in Cologne:

If I will call Cologne a shopping paradise، then there is no doubt. You can find many retail outlets، malls and beautiful shopping streets. Famous shopping streets are Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse.

Shipping Information:

You can travel to Cologne by plane، train and bus. But I would suggest you to travel through high speed trains for your comfort and relaxation. Traveling by train is more convenient، comfortable and stress-free. So just take the Eurostar train from London St Pancras International train station and reach Brussels Midi station in a record time of one hour 52 minutes and then just change the same station، travel on the high speed German ICE train to heart of the stunning city.

Travel time is about 4 hours 17 minutes. One of the best parts about traveling by train is that you don’t need to book separate tickets، thanks to the companies that operate trains in the UK. All UK train operating companies have joined forces to make your journey comfortable.

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