How to make money with Crypto in 2023

The crypto market is an interesting place to make money. Where in the past you could mainly earn money with crypto by trading or holding “HODLing” crypto، many other methods have been added in recent years. Nowadays there are crypto games، staking، savings accounts with interest، airdrops and much more.

In this guide for beginners، we explain how you can make money with crypto in 2023 through 10 proven methods.

Make Money Fast With Crypto in 10 Ways:

If you are wondering how to make money with crypto right now، here are the methods:

Investing early in promising new coins generally the best way to monetize cryptocurrency.
Strike and Interest، Earn Passive Income with Locked Cryptocurrency Coins.
Daytrading Make money with crypto daytrading by trading.
HODLing Invest in cryptocurrencies and HODL for the long term.
Play to Earn Crypto Games Earn Rewards for Playing Crypto Games.
Crypto Yield Farming and Lending Generate an attractive APY on your cryptocurrencies.
Faucets Make money with crypto by doing simple tasks.
Airdrops Cryptocurrency Tokens deposited in your wallet for free.
DAOs Buy a share in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
Mining Crypto mining by connecting hardware to your PC.

We also write guides where we highlight specific crypto that are a good investment for the long term. But here we continue to explain how to make money with the methods mentioned above.

1. Investing early in promising new coins generally the best way to monetize cryptocurrency:

The best way to make money with crypto is to get into the best Altcoins early on. This can produce very nice results. Just to take the most famous cryptocurrency as an example (the Bitcoin) that launched in 2010، these coins were sold for a fraction of a cent at launch. Other well known coins such as Ethereum also started at a low amount of only €0.75 per coin in 2014.

Both examples are now worth thousands of euros and have generated a lot of money for all involved. Of course you are too late for many of these coins، but there are also new altcoins that are doing well. A recent example is Tamadoge، a coin that is still available in presale. This allows you to take advantage of a favorable price before the coin becomes available to the general public.

As you can see above، the Tamadoge project consists of a number of different parts. All these components are based on the Tamadoge token، which you can already buy in pre-sale. Go to the Tamadoge website and link your wallet there to take advantage of the advantageous price for which the coin is now offered.

2. Strike and Interest Earn Passive Income with Locked Cryptocurrency Coins:

There are tow concepts in the crypto world where you can generate passive income that are worth mentioning here. The first is crypto staking, where you lock in your cryptocurrency for a certain amount of time. This is done by cryptos that work on a proof-of-stake protocol to help validate the transactions.

Examples of major cryptos that offer these possibilities are Cardano، Tron and soon also Ethereum. The bottom line is that you earn interest on your_a part of your portfolio if you lock it in for a while. It is also possible to lock your coins without a minimum period. This is possible، for example، with the crypto trading platform eToro. Here you can stake your coins, but you can still withdraw them at any time.

A second way to generate passive income through crypto is by receiving interest on your account. Quite simply, crypto interest accounts work in the same way as traditional banks. They lend crypto to people who need a loan and give you interest for owning the crypto.

Unlike staking, they do not use your crypto for ‘smart contracts’ at interest. What has happened is that they lend your crypto to people who apply for a loan. In this way, the borrower pays your interest.

Aqru is currently the best provider of crypto savings account accounts. It is possible with them to receive 8% interest per year on major crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. For stablecoins such as Tether you even receive 12% interest per year. The advantage of Aqru is that everything there can be used flexibly and you are not tied to committing your investment for the long term. In addition, you can even deposit money in normal currency and buy crypto through Aqru’s app.

3. Daytrading Make money with crypto daytrading by trading:

There is another way to earn money، but a little more actively; namely day trading. What is important to know is that you do have basic knowledge of your prices here. With day trading things can go fast, both in the good and the bad direction. That is why it is good to be able to properly estimate the value of the different coins and to choose a good time to buy crypto.

What you use in day trading is the volatility of the different coins. Because the price moves up and down, there are different moments when you can take a profit. Experienced day traders will practically never hold a position for more than a day. As you can see from the price in the image below، you can make small profits at different times of a day.

If you want to day trade a little profitably, there are really only two things that are important in your search for the best crypto exchange: a low fee and a wide option of markets in which you can trade. Because it always involves small jumps in the price, it is difficult to make a profit with a broker with a fee that is too high.

For example، Coinbase charges a 1.50% fee and the profits from trading must therefore compensate for this. With eToro، these fees are much lower “varies per trading object”، making the platform much better suited for day traders.

4. HODLing، Invest in cryptocurrencies and HODL for the long term:

For beginners, this is one of the best options: HODLs. The name originated from a typo by someone on a forum in the early stages of crypto. What it really comes down to is holding your crypto for the long term. This is equivalent to holding stocks for an extended period of time.

The nice thing about this form of investing is that you don’t have to worry about price drops in the short term. Especially the stable larger crypto coins lend themselves well to this. For example, if you had invested your money in Ethereum in May 2021 for 3440 euros, you would have only had around 2010 euros left a month later.

If، on the other hand، you were a HODL’er، you would have left your investment quietly, and you take the new “all time high” from December of that year. This one went over 4000 euros. HODL is therefore an effective method and also a lot less stressful than other forms of trading in crypto.

So HODL is a good long-term strategy that can yield nice results. What you do have to look for is a suitable broker with low fees. You will soon arrive at eToro. Not only do they have very competitive rates, which make trading a lot more profitable, but it is also a very safe platform. They are regulated by the FCA, so your investment is in safe hands for a longer period of time.

5. Play-to-Earn Crypto Games – Earn Rewards for Playing Crypto Games:

It sounds too good to be true, earn crypto by playing games. Yet this is one of the methods in which you can earn crypto. The total market of paid games where you can earn cryptos is even billions of euros. There are even some crypto games whose own crypto is among the top 100 most popular cryptos. One of the best crypto games that you can consider playing; decentralized.

In short, Decentraland is a metaverse (a virtual world) in which players from all over the world can choose a virtual character, avatar. You can also buy your own piece of land in this virtual world and start your own construction project on it. Instead of a notarized deed, there is of course the crypto equivalent of a title deed; an NFT. Believe it or not, some tracts of land in Decentraland have been sold for millions of dollars.

6. Crypto Yield Farming and Lending – Generate an attractive APY on your cryptocurrencies:

A well-known crypto strategy is hodling, holding your cryptos in order to earn from price gains. but what if you can also use your crypto balance to earn? More and more crypto exchanges are responding to this, so that you can make a nice return on your crypto. An easy way to start with this is through so-called yield farming and lending the cryptos. Both methods allow you to get passive income from cryptos, but they each work slightly differently.

Crypto yield farming works by participating in a liquidity pool. A liquidity pool, for example that of crypto exchanges such as Pancakeswap and Uniswap in which investors invest cryptos. Pancakeswap operates on the Binance blockchain, Uniswap on the Ethereum blockchain. The investors who have put cryptos in the pool earn from this. They are paid interest on their invested cryptos, but this is often fixed for a while.

In general, you get a lower interest rate on exchanges of older, established and well-known projects, but here you run less risk. Lending cryptos means that you lend your cryptos to reliable parties through a broker, such as Aqru. Since Aqru strictly controls this, it is generally safe.

7. Faucets – Make money with crypto by doing simple tasks:

Earn free crypto by completing simple tasks. Faucets give you the opportunity to earn cryptos through websites. You do this by often performing simple tasks. There are many different websites that you can use to earn cryptos through these faucets. For example, some require you to complete a captcha.

Anyone can perform these simple tasks, because it is quite simple. It often happens that you have to install a special faucet app on your mobile phone. That way you can earn crypto.

But do realize that the rewards you can earn that way are small. Usually a few euro cents, paid out in crypto. The big advantage of these faucets is that you don’t have to buy cryptos with money. So you’re only risking your time.

8. Airdrops – Cryptocurrency – Tokens deposited in your wallet for free:

AirDrops: free cryptos in your crypto wallet. You can get crypto via airdrops without having to spend or invest money. AirDrop are a form of advertising where new crypto projects distribute their tokens to crypto users via an AirDrop.

In this way they bring their crypto into circulation to a large audience. So this is different from a presale, and may sound too good to be true, but it does happen a lot. It is an effective marketing strategy, and various crypto projects have grown so large thanks to an AirDrop, even to projects with several billions in capital.

A well-known example is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2017. Every bitcoin owner received one BCH per bitcoin in their possession. The cryptocurrency Stellar also followed this strategy in 2014. They distributed millions of dollars worth of their token; Lumen.

But not all that glitters is gold. Scammers often distribute worthless tokens to lure people into buying. With this they want to make the price rise quickly and then exit quickly (Pump and Dump). Therefore, read carefully. Many Crypto have a good plan including whitepaper, such as Lucky Block.

With airdrops, the question ‘with which crypto can you earn money quickly’ is less important. You get the coins for free in your wallet and so you can try to take all the chances. If one succeeds, you can earn a lot of money with crypto!

9. DAOs – Buy a share in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization:

According to experts, DAO (in full Decentralized Autonomous Organization), together with NFTs and Metaverse, will play a very important role in the crypto world and the future of blockchain technology. DAOs are projects owned by a community of crypto enthusiasts and investors. You could roughly compare them to some kind of company, where a token of this DAO is a share.

There are many different crypto DAOs and each project is unique and different from the others. A good example of a successful DAO is Uniswap. This project hosts a decentralized crypto exchange, a Dex, where users can buy and sell their cryptos without a central third party intervening.

Uniswap has since launched its own token and put it up for sale. From that moment on you can, as it were, buy a share in Uniswap and profits from commissions are shared with the token holders.

The Uniswap token also gives you voting rights. So if an important decision is made about the future of Uniswap, you can vote as a token owner.

10. Mining – Crypto mining by connecting hardware to your PC:

The last idea from this list of the best ways to make money with crypto is mining. In short, Mining means that you connect specialized hardware to your PC, after which you connect it to the blockchain of the crypto you want to mine. The principle behind it is that the miners make the crypto network function in a decentralized way through the calculations of their hardware.

This is because transactions on the blockchain are validated by solving complicated mathematical calculations. In exchange for these calculations, the miners receive cryptocurrency tokens that are newly created and put into circulation. This is usually done in a block of verified crypto tokens. In the case of Bitcoin, for example, a new block is mined every 10 minutes (equivalent to 6.25BTC).

This means that more than a ton of crypto is added every 10 minutes at the time of writing this article. This seems like a big amount, but it takes a lot of electricity and expensive hardware to mine bitcoins.

So the net profit from mining is not as great as it may seem. Still, it is possible to make a profit by mining some cryptocurrencies. What those are is constantly changing and has everything to do with their current price and energy prices. So do good research before you decide to start mining a certain crypto.

How To Make Money With Crypto – Best Platforms For Crypto Trading & Investing
You now know different methods to earn money with crypto, but now there is still a choice in platforms. There is a different broker suitable for every way of making money. In the next section, we’ll save you all the preliminary research and show you all the benefits of the most reliable options.

EToro has already been used in several methods and for good reason. Not only is it one of the largest and most reliable platform, but it also has a competitive price. This prevents unnecessary margin from your new crypto project.

First of all, the platform is very secure. It is regulated by major watch organizations in the UK, Australia and the United States (such as the FCA). That is why more than 25 million people worldwide use this platform as their place to invest.

Due to a wide range and a low entry level, even with a small starting capital it is easy to start at eToro.

There are also additional financial benefits with the various earning methods from this article. For example, in the event of a strike on the eToro platform, it is not necessary to lock up your money. Is crypto falling hard? Then you can still access it even though you have earned interest by staking.

In addition, you can also passively earn money daily with crypto via the SmartPortfolio or Copy Trading. With the first, you follow a portfolio composed by experts from eToro, which contains certain cryptocurrencies and they continuously balance this portfolio. With Copy Trading you also copy certain trading positions, but then from another investor, so you can make money with crypto day trading without making the choices yourself.

This is especially suitable for anyone who is just starting out with crypto and wants to start making money quickly with crypto without having to spend all day on it. You can use eToro via the platform in the browser or the handy mobile app.

What we like about eToro:
Earn money with crypto day trading or HODL’en.
Minimum deposit of only €46 .
No costs when depositing via iDEAL.
Regulated by multiple European regulators.
Nearly 60 crypto coins available.
Earn a lot of money with crypto staking.

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