Using long tail keywords to generate insurance agency leads

Have you heard the famous saying about the tail wagging the dog? When it comes to long tail keywords, it can often be beneficial for the “long tail” to wag the dog. Long tail keywords are often a three to five “or more” word search phrase، many of which may only be searched for five or ten times a month. These phrases are often very specific، but when a user types in the phrase, they may be your ideal insurance agency prospect.

This is why it is important that the search engine results page “SERP” lists your agency at the top. Let’s take a look at some examples of long tail insurance keywords:

· Garage Keeper Insurance in Arizona.

· New York Owner Operator Insurance.

· California Professional Liability Insurance.

· Best Florida business insurance rates.

· Florida Coastal Condominium Insurance.

The more keywords included in a phrase and the more specific the term, the narrower the results and the less often that term is searched for. And of course، the shorter the phrase, the broader the results and the greater the competition for the phrase. An example of a broad phrase might be “Truck Insurance” or “Auto Insurance”.

When targeting long tail keywords، quantity is important. Your agency should target 100 or more long tails، along with more competitive phrases, for a comprehensive approach to your insurance agency’s search engine optimization efforts.

On-page insurance search engine optimization “insurance SEO” includes both content and Meta data. This means that search robots from Google or Bing look for the text، images, blog posts and video that appear on your page، as well as Meta such as Page Description، Alt Tags and Header Tags that exist but are not seen on the page.

Effective insurance search engine optimization also includes off-page optimization, such as news releases, social media posts، page notes، and videos to name a few. Effective long tail optimization will result in improved insurance website traffic and increased insurance agency leads.

As the number of mobile searches increases, your agency needs to add questions to your long form efforts. Some examples include:

· Where can I buy Arizona Garage Keeper Insurance?

· What are the best New York owner operator insurance agencies?

· What are the lowest professional liability insurance rates in California?

· Where can I find the best business insurance rates in Florida?

· Who Offers the Lowest Florida Coastal Condominium Insurance Rates?

Although organic insurance search engine optimization and social media marketing are an important aspect of insurance agency marketing، agencies looking to quickly build their pipeline often find that insurance agency email marketing and calls Targeted appointment setting can represent a faster route to lead generation.

Insurance agencies and agents who do not have the time، resources or skills to manage this type of initiative may consider outsourcing it to a skilled insurance marketing firm.

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